A Jad – Cucumber Pickle

Title: A Jad – Cucumber Pickle
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Yield: 1 Servings

1/2 c Rice vinegar
5 tb Thangkwa (cucumber)
2 tb Hom daeng (shallot), finely
1 tb Nam som paep (palm sugar)
1 tb Haeo (water chestnut),
-finely sliced
1 tb Prik chi fa daeng (red Thai
-jalapenas), sliced

This pickle is often confused with the similar-in-concept, but functionally
quite different, than gkwa kiaowan, a sweet & sour cooked relish.

Slice the cucumber in four lengthwise, then slice the pieces to segments
about an eighth of an inch thick.

Slice the tops of the chilis (green ones can be used if red are not
available, but Thais like the color contrast), and tap out any loose seeds,
and discard, then slice the chilis across into thin rounds. Slice the
shallots and water chestnuts.

Combine and serve.

This will keep 2 or 3 weeks in a referigerator. It is a traditional
accomaniment to snacks such as spring rolls, or to barbequed foods.

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