A Word About Sugar

Title: A Word About Sugar
Categories: Diabetic
Yield: 1 Servings


Remember that it is the total carbohydrate in a food that counts. All
carbohydrates — starches and sugars — are eventually changed into blood
glucose. Diabetics can eat sugar as long as it is counted as part of the
total carbohydrate intake for the day. The goal though is to eat
healthfully and to not waste your carbohydrates on foods that do not offer
much in the way of nutrition (like most high sugar foods). The key with
sugar is moderation! Also, remember that sugar free does not mean
carbohydrate free. If you do consume foods with artificial sweeteners, be
sure to check the total carbohydrate count in the food. Do not assume that
it is a good food to eat just because it is sugar free. All of the recipes
that we post on this site try to be low-fat, high-fiber and nutritious.
Because of possible health risks, you will not see recipes with artificial
sweeteners here. We post dessert recipes that, while they may contain some
source of sugar (honey, sugar, fruit juice etc.), ! ! ! are relatively low
in sugar for a dessert recipe. Again, use common sense and moderation when
figuring any food with sugar into your diet.

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Recipe by: Diabetes Action Research & Education Foundation

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