Anzac Biscuits #3

Title: Anzac Biscuits #3
Categories: Cookie
Yield: 60 Servings

1/2 c Butter
1 tb Golden syrup
1/2 ts Bicarbonate of soda
2 tb Boiling water
1 c Uncooked rolled oats
1 c Desiccated coconut
1 c Plain flour
1 c Brown sugar
2 ts Ginger

From: (Suzanne and John Muir)

Date: 14 Nov 1993 19:13:17 GMT

Here’s a recipe from the Embassy of Australia, makes 5 dozen. Melt butter
and golden syrup in large pan over a low heat. Add bicarbonate of soda
mixed with boiling water. Combine dry ingredients in a mixing bowl, then
pour melted mixture into center and mix to a moist but firm consistency.
Drop slightly rounded teaspoonful of mixture on to cold greased tray. Cook
for about 15 minutes in a moderate oven. Cool on a wire rack.



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