Asparagus and Eggs

Title: Asparagus and Eggs
Categories: Brunch, Eggs, Victorian
Yield: 1 Servings

3 Eggs; (up to 4)
Salt and pepper; to taste
Asparagus; dressed, cut
2 oz Butter
Toast slices

Beat three or four eggs well with pepper and salt. Cut some dressed
asparagus into pieces the size of pease, and stir them into the eggs. Melt
two ounces of butter in a small stew-pan, and pouring in the mixture, stir
it till it thickens, and serve it hot on a toast.

Source: Meg Dods, Cook and Housewife’s Manual (1829), as featured in The
Victorian Cookbook by John Midgley

Recipe by: Meg Dods

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