Aunt Clara’s Fruit Salad

Title: Aunt Clara’s Fruit Salad
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Yield: 1 Servings

1 cn (20 ounce) chunk pineapple
2 tb Vinegar or lemon juice
1 Egg
2 tb Cornstarch
1/2 pt Whipping cream or medium
-size container of Cool
-Whip; (I use Cool Whip)
Fruit; bananas, seedless
-grapes, apples, oranges,
1 Bag miniature marshmellows;
-(may not use the whole bag,
-depending on preferences)

This is a fourth generation handed down receipe. We call it Aunt Clara’s
Fruit Salad because my Great-Great Aunt Clara used to bring this to family

*NOTE: – whatever is in season at the time. I usually put in two large
bunches of green grapes, 4 large apples and 4 larger bananas plus whatever
else I have on hand.

Drain juice from pineapple into 2 qt saucepan and heat juice until hot;
wisk in vinegar/lemon juice and coarnstarch until smooth and very thick
(like pudding.) Cool mixture. Put fruit (cut up in bite sized pieces) into
serving bowl/container, add marshmellows and whipped cream/Cool Whip and
gently stir to coat. Refrigerate until serving time. (Can coat apple and
banana pieces in a little of the lemon juice to keep them from turning

Note: This is my daughters’ favorite salad which I am ‘required’ to bring
to all family functions such as Christmas and Easter get-togethers. It can
make a large salad if you add lots of fruit – if I need a larger salad, I
usually use a larger container of Cool Whip.

Posted to TNT Recipes Digest by Cathie Marty on
Mar 11, 1998