Auntie Peggys’ Garlic Spread

Title: Auntie Peggys’ Garlic Spread
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Yield: 1 Servings

6 Cloves fresh garlic; peeled
6 Green onions
1 pk (8 oz) cream cheese;
2 c Shredded cheddar cheese
2 tb Mayonnaise
3 ts Soy sauce

(From The Garlic Lovers Cookbook)

Makes enough for two whole loaves of french bread. Great topping for
potatoes pasta and veggies, too.

In a blender of food processor, mince garlic. Add onions and chop finely.
Add cream cheese and mix thoroughly. Then add remaining ingredients and
process until well blended. Spread on halved loaves of french bread and
place under broiler until bubbly.

I served it with Lasagna,

Posted to TNT Recipes Digest by Nancy on Mar 27, 1998