B-B-Q Meat Balls

Title: B-B-Q Meat Balls
Categories: Beef, Pasta
Yield: 6 Servings

1 lb Minced beef
3/4 ts Salt
1 tb Chopped onion
1/2 c Soft bread crumbs
1/4 c Milk
1 tb Flour
2 tb Margarine
1/4 c Molasses
1/4 c Vineger
1/4 ts Oregano
1/4 c Ketchup
1/4 ts Tobasco

Mix meat, salt, onions, bread crumbs, and milk in a bowl. Form into 1″
balls, roll in flour, brown in margarine. Set meat balls aside and prepare
sauce. SAUCE: Combine all ingredients, add meat balls and simmer for 8
mins. Stir occasionally til sauce thickens. Serve with buttered, broad egg
noodles or your favorite pasta.

From Gemini’s MASSIVE MealMaster collection at www.synapse.com/~gemini