Baba Ghanoush (Eggplant Tahini Spread)

Title: Baba Ghanoush (Eggplant Tahini Spread)
Categories: Appetizer
Yield: 8 Servings

2 lb Eggplant (2 medium or 1 lg
-whole and unpeeled
1/4 c Tahini (sesame paste)
1/4 c Fresh lemon juice
1 lg Clove garlic crushed
1/4 c Finely minced onion
Salt; if desired, to taste
Freshly ground black pepper;
-to taste
1 tb Oil;preferably olive
2 tb Minced fresh parsley
Note; to make your own
-Tahini combine in a
1 ts Lemon juice
1/2 ts Oil
2 tb Water
1/4 c Finely ground (in a blender
-or with mortar and pestle)
-sesame seeds

From: Claudia Knowles

Date: Sat, 3 Aug 1996 19:12:37 -0400
1. Prick the eggplant in several places with a fork, place it on a baking
sheet , and broil in a preheated broiler for about 20 minutes, turning the
vegetable several times so that the skin chars on all sides. Let the
eggplant cool.

2. When the eggplant is cool enough to handle, cut it in half and scrape
out the flesh into a bowl, discard the skin, and mash the eggplant with the
tahini, lemon juice, garlic, onion, salt, and pepper. Cover the mixture and
refrigerate it.

3. Before serving, sprinkle the spread with the oil, if desired, and minced
parsley, and serve it with pita, fresh or toasted, or as a dip for fresh

Recipe from: Jane Brody’s Good Food Book.

EAT-L Digest 2 August 96

From the EAT-L recipe list. Downloaded from Glen’s MM Recipe Archive,