Banana-Cranberry Juice-Tofu Smoothie

Title: Banana-Cranberry Juice-Tofu Smoothie
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Yield: 1 Servings

2 Peeled bananas; frozen or
-fresh, (if your bananas are
-giant, use one)
1 Box Mori-Nu lite tofu
Cranberry juice
1 ts Maple syrup

Break bananas into 3″ pieces and put in blender. Add the tofu, broken up a
bit. Pour cranberry juice in to almost cover. Blend, adding more juice if
mixture seems too thick. Add maple syrup while blending. Vary the texture
to your preference, I like it at yogurt consistency. Pour some over a
cooked bowl of oatmeal and swirl in.

This will make a full blender of smoothie, enough for 4-6 bowls of oatmeal.
I store the leftover smoothie in a glass container in the refrigerator,
where it often mysteriously disappears 🙂 For some reason, it tastes like
a strawberry shake.

You can often buy ripe bananas for very little money. I buy large
quantities, peel them, break them into three pieces, and freeze them in zip
loc bags. For those that have had trouble with frozen bananas in their
blenders, maybe it’s the blender? I bought an Oster, which was about $10
more than the others, because I wanted the glass container. This blender
model seems to have a very sturdy little motor in it.

Posted to fatfree digest by Anne Cox on Feb 19, 1998