Barbecued Chicken Tinga

Title: Barbecued Chicken Tinga
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Yield: 1 Servings

2 tb Fresh lime juice
1 tb Flavorful olive oil
1 ts Garlic salt
4 Chicken thighs; skinned
4 Chicken breast halves;
1 tb Oil for sauteing
2 c Chopped onions
4 Garlic cloves; minced
1/4 lb Bulk Mexican chorizo sausage
2 lb Tomatoes; peeled, seeded and
1/2 c Tomato puree (like Pomi)
2 tb Chipotle puree (see note)
1 Bay leaf
1 ts Dried oregano
1 tb Brown sugar
1/2 ts Salt (up to 1)
4 Red-skinned new potatoes;
1 Avocado; pitted, peeled and

Tinga is wonderful as a warming stew or a filling for burritos, empanadas
or tortas (Mexican sandwiches). The flavors improve and intensify with
time, making this the perfect make-ahead dish.

INSTRUCTIONS: Blend together lime juice, olive oil and garlic salt. Rub on
chicken pieces. Grill over medium-hot coals or under a medium broiler. Cook
breasts for about 10 minutes per side; thighs for about 15 minutes per

Tip: If you are in a hurry, you can cheat by buying a grilled chicken —
preferably from a Mexican deli. The chicken will finish cooking in the
sauce where it will absorb all the delicious flavors. Heat oil in a large
skillet. Add onions; saute until softened. Add garlic; saute for a minute
or two longer. Remove onions from pan and reserve. Add chorizo to pan;
saute until browned. Using paper towels, blot as much fat as possible from
pan. Return onions to pan. Add tomatoes, then stir in tomato puree,
chipotle, bay leaf, oregano, brown sugar and salt. Simmer for 20 to 30
minutes. Cut grilled chicken meat off bones; add to simmering sauce along
with diced potatoes. Simmer for 15 minutes, until potatoes are tender and
flavors come together. Serve garnished with avocado slices and lots of warm
corn tortillas. Note: To make chipotle puree from the softer, freshly
smoked chipotles, cut chiles open and scrape out seeds. Place 6 chipotles
in a blender with about 1/4 cup water, or just enough to facilitate
blending; process until smooth. Serves 4.

PER SERVING: 580 calories, 50 g protein, 50 g carbohydrate, 22 g fat (4 g
saturated), 133 mg cholesterol, 1084 mg sodium,
6 g fiber. ——-

Posted to CHILE-HEADS DIGEST V4 #134 by Leslie Duncan
on Sep 24, 1997