Barbecued Pork

Title: Barbecued Pork
Categories: Appetizers, China, Ham/pork, Archived
Yield: 12 Servings

-Dottie Cross TMPJ72B
3 tb Honey
2 tb Commercial hoisin sauce
2 tb Reduced-calorie catsup
1 tb Low-sodium soy sauce
1/8 ts Chinese five-spice powder
3 Drops red food coloring
2 (3/4-pound) pork tenderloins
1/4 c Reduced-calorie catsup
2 tb Sesame seeds

Combine first 6 ingredients; stir well, and set aside.
Trim fat from pork, and place in a large shallow dish.
Pour honey mixture over pork. Cover and marinate in refrigerator 8 hours,
turning pork occasionally.
Remove pork from marinade, reserving marinade. Place pork on a
microwave-safe roasting rack. Cover with wax paper, and microwave at MEDIUM
HIGH (70% power) 7 minutes. Brush pork with reserved marinade; rotate rack
a quarter-turn. Cover and microwave at MEDIUM HIGH 6 to 8 minutes or until
meat thermometer registers 160 degrees; set aside. Place remaining marinade
in a glass measure; microwave at HIGH until mixture boils. Brush over pork;
cut into 1/4-inch slices. Serve warm with catsup and sesame seeds.
Yield: 12 appetizer servings (serving size: 1-1/2 ounces pork, 1 teaspoon
catsup, and 1/2 teaspoon sesame seeds). 102 calories, 2.8 grams fat (0.8 g
sat, 1.2 g mono, 0.6 g poly), 40 mg cholesterol, 169 mg sodium. Source:
“Cooking Light” magazine – January/February, 1993 Reformatted by: CYGNUS,