Basic Recipe for Chicken Stock

Title: Basic Recipe for Chicken Stock
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Yield: 1 Servings

8 lb Chicken bones
6 qt Cold water or remouillage
1 lb Mirepoix

8 oz Onion
4 oz Carrot
4 oz Celery
ALL Large Cut
1 Standard sachet d’epices

——————————SACHET D’EPICES——————————
3 Parsley stems; (up TO 4)
1/2 ts Thyme leaves; dried
1 Bay leaf
1/2 ts Peppercorns; cracked
1 Crushed garlic clove

Salt to taste

tie all sachet ingredients up in a cheesecloth bag then drop in stock.

Makes 1 Gallon

1. Rinse the Bones.

2. Combine Bones & Water.

3. Bring them slowly to a boil.

4. Skim the Scum off of the surface!

5. Simmer very gently for 5-6 hours

6. add the Mire Poix, Sachet d’epices, and salt. simmer additional 1-2

7. Strain, Cool, Store or Use right away.

This is a very good recipe for a basic chicken stock. Try it and I am sure
you will find your stock much more clear.

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on Jan 3, 1998