Basic Soyburgers

Title: Basic Soyburgers
Categories: *recipes, Beans grain
Yield: 7 Servings

15 oz Cooked soybeans; rinsed and
-drained (from 1-1/2 to 2
-cups), *see tip
1/2 c Mashed tofu; *see tip
1 ts Salt
1 lg Garlic clove; may be doubled
1 c Minced onion
2 Scallions; minced
Parsley; a handful
2 tb Minced fresh dill weed; (2
-to 3 tbs)
2 tb Cider vinegar
2 ts Dry mustard
2 c Fine dry breadcrumbs; *see
Substitute: cooked
-short-grain brown rice
Vegetable oil; for the pan

Place everything except the bread crumbs (or rice) and cooking oil in a
food processor and puree until fairly smooth.

Transfer to a bowl and add the bread crumbs or rice. Stir until well

Form into patties about 4 inches in diameter and l/2 inch thick, using
about 1/2 cup of the mixture for each patty.

Heat a heavy nonstick skillet and brush with oil. When the pan is hot, add
the burgers, turn the heat down to medium, and cook for about 10 minutes on
each side. Watch them carefully so they get nice and brown, but don’t burn.

Serve hot, in burger style (see notes.)

Yield: 6 to 8 4-inch burgers. Preparations time: 30 minutes after the
soybeans are cooked (10 minutes of work).

BOOKs NOTEs: “Don’t Knock ‘Em Till you Try ‘Em” — You can buy many types
of veggie burgers” these days, but just in case you’d prefer to make them
yourself, here is the onginal concept. These simple, good, inexpensive
burgers can be assembled and sauteed in just 30 minutes so it’s not nearly
as much work as it might seem.

Serve Soyburgers with or without toasted buns, accompanied by the
traditional burger trimmings — mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, onion,
tomato, pickles, etc.

You can freeze the uncooked patties. Just wrap each burger in plastic wrap,
then store all the individually wrapped patties together in a sealed
plastic bag in the freezer. You can defrost one at a time, as needed, and
saute to order.

TIP: * Soak and cook dried soybeans ahead of time (see package for
directions), or buy canned soybeans in a natural foods store. * Soyburgers
can be made with bread crumbs or with cooked short grain brown rice. With
rice, you have a wheat-free option, and the burger will come out crumblier,
but crunchier. With bread crumbs. they hold together better The burgers
taste great both ways. If you re using rice, cook it in advance and allow
to cool. *MC-PER SERVING (1/7): 243 CAL, 7.6g fat (27.4% cff); 48.6% from
carbs; 23.9% from protein, Estimated using nutritional values of Mori-Nu
Soft Tofu.

>Untested recipe edited by Pat Hanneman (kitpath) for Mollie Katzen fans.

Recipe by: Mollie Katzen’s Vegetable Heaven (1997)

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