Basic Steamed Minced Pork

Title: Basic Steamed Minced Pork
Categories: Meat
Yield: 4 Servings

1 lb Pork
1 ts Cornstarch
1/2 ts Salt
2 ts Soy sauce

1. Mince or grind pork. Mix well with cornstarch, salt and soy sauce.

2. Spread mixture out flat like a pancake in a shallow heatproof dish.

3. Steam on a rack until done, about 30 minutes (see “HOW-TO SECTION”).

Check with a fork to see that meat is no longer pink. Serve hot.

NOTE: This dish is best when made with slightly fat pork.

VARIATIONS: Sliver rather than grind or mince pork, and steam about 45

In step 1, add to pork mixture any of the following:

1/2 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon peanut oil

: few drops of sesame oil

: 1 or 2 slices fresh ginger root, minced

1 scallion stalk, minced

1 egg, beaten

: 1/4 pound fresh mushrooms, minced; or 3 dried black mushrooms
(soaked), minced

1/2 cup water chestnuts, minced

Or add any of the following as indicated:

BLACK BEANS: Add to pork mixture 1 tablespoon fermented black beans
(soaked), mashed, and 1 garlic clove, minced.

CHINESE SAUSAGES: Place on top of pork mixture 2 Chinese sausages,
either cut diagonally in 1/2-inch slices, or minced.

DRIED OYSTERS: Add to pork mixture 4 dried oysters (soaked), minced.

DUCK LIVERS: Add to pork mixture 2 dried duck livers (soaked), minced,
and 1/2 cup water chestnuts, minced.

PICKLED BAMBOO SHOOTS : Place on top of pork mixture 1/2 cup pickled
bamboo shoots, drained.

PRESERVED TURNIP: Add to pork mixture 1/2 bundle preserved turnip,
washed and shredded, 1 tablespoon sherry and a dash of pepper.

SALT CABBAGE: Add to pork mixture 1/4 to 1/2 cup salted or preserved
cabbage, chopped. Top with 2 tablespoons water chestnuts, sliced.

SALT EGG: Separate 1 salt egg. Add the white to the pork mixture along
with 1 fresh egg, beaten; 6 water chestnuts, minced, 2 teaspoons sherry and
a dash of pepper. Mash or cut up salt egg yolk and sprinkle on top.

SALT FISH: Add to pork mixture 1/8 pound dried salted fish (soaked),
minced, plus 1/4 cup water. Or arrange on top of pork mixture 4 strips of
salt fish, about 3/4 inches wide by 2 inches long (soaked), and 2 slices
fresh ginger root, minced. Sprinkle with 1 teaspoon sugar and 1 tablespoon

TEA MELON: Add to pork mixture 1/2 cup tea melon, rinsed and chopped
coarsely or diced. Or add 4 tablespoons tea melon and 1 cup bamboo shoots,
chopped coarsely. Or add 2 tablespoons tea melon, minced; 2 tablespoons
preserved turnip, minced; 1 tablespoon cloud ear mushrooms (soaked),
minced, and a few drops of sesame oil.

VEGETABLES: Add to pork mixture any of the following:

1 Cup cauliflower, broken into tiny flowerets or cut in 1-inch pieces
and parboiled.

1/4 cup carrots, diced and parboiled.

1/4 cup cup Chinese turnips, diced and parboiled.

Instead of blending the soy sauce with the pork mixture, as in step 1,
sprinkle soy over the top with a circular motion in step 2. Minced
scallions can be sprinkled over the pork in the same way.

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