Basil Grilled Chicken

Title: Basil Grilled Chicken
Categories: Poultry
Yield: 6 Servings

2/3 c Vegetable oil
1/2 c Dry white wine or chicken
1 tb Finely chopped fresh garlic
2 ts Dried basil leaves
1 ts Salt
1/2 ts Pepper

1 3-4-pound frying chicken;
-cut in 8 pieces

In a large resealable plastic food bag combine all marinade ingredients;
add chicken piese. Thightly seal bag. Turn bag several times to coat
chicken. Place in 13×9 inch pan. Refrigerate, turning occasionally, at
least 4 hours or overnight.

Prepare grill placing coals to one side; heat until coals are ash white.
Make aluminum foil drip pan; place opposite coals.

Meanwhile, with slotted spoon remove chicken from marinade; reserve
marinade. In 1 quart saucepan bring marinade to a full boil (2-3 minutes).

Place chicken on grill over drip pan. Grill, turning and basting
occasionally with marinade, until chicken is fork tender (40-50 minutes).
Just before serving, brush marinade over chicken.

Recipe by: New Chicken

Posted to MC-Recipe Digest V1 #995 by L979 on Jan 8, 1998