Bean Curd with Ginger

Title: Bean Curd with Ginger
Categories: Main dish, Tofu
Yield: 4 Servings

3 Pads tofu
8 Tree ears
2 tb Peanut oil
1 tb Finely chopped ginger
1 1/2 tb Finely chopped garlic
3/4 c Chopped scallions
1 ts Hot chilies; chopped
1/2 c Cooked fresh peas
1 ts Sugar
1 tb Red wine vinegar
1 ts Sesame oil

Cut tofu into 1/2 inch cubes. Soak tree ears in warm water till soft.
Drain & chop coarsely. Heat oil in a wok & when very hot add ginger,
garlic & scallions. Add tofu, stirring quickly. Add tree ears, chilies &
peas. Stir. Add sugar & vinegar & toss. Spoon mixture into a serving dish &
sprinkle with sesame oil. Serve over rice.

“Vegetarian Times Cookbook”
Posted to EAT-L Digest 05 Sep 96

Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 19:06:49 -0700

From: Stacy Hansen