Bean Salad Plus Tuna or Bacon

Title: Bean Salad Plus Tuna or Bacon
Categories: Salads
Yield: 4 Servings

350 g 12 oz French beans trimmed.
400 g 14 oz cooked red kidney
225 g 8 oz cooked chick peas.
15 ml 1 tbsp greek yogurt.
lg Pinch of sugar.
Ground black pepper.
15 ml 1 tbsp chopped fresh
-mint (optional)
5 ml 1 tsp French mustard.
15 ml 1 tb olive oil.
15 ml 1 tbsp red wine vinegar.

Steam the French beans until just tender, about seven minutes. Put all the
beans and chick peas into a large salad bowl. Mix together the dressing
ingredients and pour over the beans. Toss to mix together. Allow to stand
for one hour to let the flavours mix before serving. VARIATIONS TUNA AND
BEAN SALAD. Add 200 g 7 oz canned tuna, drained and flaked to the salad.
BACON AND BEAN SALAD. 100 g 4 oz lean back bacon, grill, cut into small
pieces and add to the salad.

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