Popcorn Balls

Title: Popcorn Balls
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Yield: 1 Servings

2 c Sugar
1 1/2 c Water
1 ts Vanilla
1/2 ts Salt
1/2 c Light corn syrup
1 ts Vinegar

Keep popped corn warm (or pop after the rest of the recipe is prepared).
Cook all ingredients listed above, except the vanilla, until hard-ball
stage. Remove from heat and add vanilla.

Note: This recipe from my grandmother was one of my favorites as a child.
I’ve given you the recipe as she had written it. I remember watching her
form the balls (they looked huge to me then; probably 5″ in diameter). You
have to do it fast, but you have to cool the syrup sufficiently, I would
think! Quite a trick, I should think. I suspect that lightly oiling your
hands with a flavorless vegetable oil would make it easier to work with).

Posted to TNT Recipes Digest, Vol 01, Nr 942 by Melissa Tarleton
on Jan 16, 1998