Shortcut To Soap Making

Title: Shortcut To Soap Making
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Yield: 1 Servings

If you do not wish to handle lye, do not have wood ashes available, or do
not have the time to make soap from scratch, you can still make homemade
soaps. You can purchase castille granules at most drugstores. There is no
need to mess with lye when using these granules. Since they are actually
granulated soap, it is easy to make soap from them.

Put the granules into a kettle and add water. Instructions for use will
probably be on the package. If not, use common sense in adding water.
(Don’t drown the granules.) Heat the mixture at low to medium heat and stir
it constantly with a large wooden spoon. The granules will dissolve. Stir
the mixture until it is smooth. Remove it from the heat and add any other
ingredients or emolients that you want. Stir them in well as the soap
cools. Add perfume (if desired) as they very last ingredient. Blend it in
so that the fragrance will be evenly dispersed. Pour the mixture into
molds, and let harden. If the soap does not set (that is, if the bars do
not get hard) reheat the mixture, adding more castille granules as
necessary. Before it cools completely, you will need to add more perfume
because reheating the mix will release the volatile floral oils, thus
destroying them.

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