Soyu Chicken

Title: Soyu Chicken
Categories: Crook2
Yield: 1 servings

5 lb Bag chicken; (drummetes or
; are easiest)
1/2 Bottle soy sauce
2 lg Onions; (chopped)
2 tb Fresh garlic; (chopped fine)
2 tb Fresh ginger; (chopped fine)
3 c Water

Mix all ingredients together in large bowl. If you are going to barbecue,
let it marinate overnight in refrigerator. The excess sauce can be used to
brush onto chicken as you barbecue. For quick cooking boil everything on
stove top until cooked. The cooked sauce is great poured over rice. It can
also be baked or cooked in crock pot. Suggest using boneless chicken if
cooked in crock pot.

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