Thai Spicy Beef with Rice Noodles

Title: Thai Spicy Beef with Rice Noodles
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Yield: 1 servings

2 tb Sesame oil
10 oz Lean beef; boneless sirloin
; filet mignon sliced
; thin, up to 12
2 tb Chopped garlic
1 tb Fresh grated ginger
2 oz Siracha; thai chili and
; garlic paste
2 Leeks sliced laterally;
-cleaned and sliced
; thin into half moon
; shape, up to 3
2 tb Soy sauce; up to 3
2 tb Mirin
12 oz Fresh flat rice noodles or
-can use; up to 14
; alternate asian noodle
Fresh spinach; 8 to10 ounces
; chiffonade
1 Carrot curled on a turning
-machine or
; freshly grated
Alfalfa sprouts
Toasted sesame seeds for
1 Beet peeled and curled on
-machine or use
; grated

In a hot wok or saute pan add oil. When hot toss beef quickly with garlic,
ginger siracha. In approximately 1 minute beef will still be medium rare.
Remove with slotted spoon and reserve.

Add leeks to hot pan and deglaze with soy sauce and mirin, bring to a
simmer. Add noodles and toss with beef mixture.

In serving bowls place spinach, carrots and alfalfa sprouts around outside,
then add beef and noodles to center. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds and
curled beets.

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