Traditional Almond Paste

Title: Traditional Almond Paste
Categories: Holiday, Cakes, Frosting, Canadian
Yield: 3 Cups

3 c Ground almonds
3 Egg yolks, sightly beaten
1 tb Corn syrup
3 c Icing sugar
2 ts Almond extract

Combine all the ingredients in order and blend well, using your hands when
necessary. Sprinkle a board lightly with icing sugar and turn the paste out
onto it, kneading until smooth. Sprinkle on more icing sugar if the mixture
becomes too sticky. Roll to a 1/4″ thickness. Invert the cake over the
paste and cut the paste to fit the top of the cake. If you wish to put
paste on the sides as well, cut to fit. If the paste does not adhere well
to the fruit cake, brush the cake surface with a thin covering of egg
white. Allow the cake to stand overnight before adding ornamental icing.
Yields about 3 cups paste or enough to cover a 9x9x3 1/2″ cake.

From the book “Canadian Christmas Cooking” by Rose Murray

AR/92 From: Sharon Stevens Home Cooking =C4

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