White Chocolate Eggs And Bunnies

Title: White Chocolate Eggs And Bunnies
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Yield: 1 servings

Good-quality white
-chocolate; 35% cocoa butter
Gel-paste food coloring
Or powdered food coloring
Egg and bunny molds

TEMPERING CHOCOLATE: If chocolate contains any additives, fillers, or fats
besides cocoa butter, it won’t temper. Every brand of chocolate has its own
specifications for tempering. As it melts, white chocolates should not
110 degrees. Chop chocolate into small pieces. Temper at least one
to one and a half pounds of chocolate at a time — enough to make two to
four dozen chocolates, depending on the size. Melt the chocolate over
simmering water or in a microwave for 1 minute at 30-percent power. Stir
it, and check the temperature with a chocolate thermometer or an
instant-read thermometer. Heat it in 10 to 20 second intervals, testing the
temperature until just right. Pour two-thirds of the melted chocolate onto
a marble slab. (You can also use a Corian, Formica, or stainless-steel
surface.) Spread it thinly with an offset spatula. The goal is to lower the
temperature to 80 to 83 degrees, depending on the type of chocolate. Scrape
the chocolate back into the bowl with remaining chocolate; blend
thoroughly. You’re aiming for a temperature between 82 and 90 degrees,
depending on the type of chocolate. At that point, the chocolate is
tempered. The temperature must be maintained throughout the molding
process. COLORING CHOCOLATE: As soon as the chocolate is tempered, it can
be colored. Add coloring, stirring to incorporate with a rubber spatula.
Keep in mind that white chocolate has a yellowish hue that can work against
you when trying to make purple or blue, but works in your favor when making
yellow or green. MOLDING CHOCOLATE: Pipe tempered and colored chocolate
into clean mold. Gently drop mold on work surface to force out the air
bubbles. Transfer to refrigerator to set until hard, at least a half hour.
When set, remove chocolate from mold by covering mold with parchment paper,
and inverting. Take care not to let chocolates touch one another. When
handling the molded chocolate, use surgical gloves to avoid fingerprints.
Molded chocolates that have one flat side can be sandwiched together with a
dab of tempered chocolate to form a three-dimensional chocolate.

Source: “Martha Stewart Living – (www.marthastewart.com)” S(Formatted for
MC5): “by Lynn Thomas – Lynn_Thomas@prodigy.net”

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Recipe by: Martha Stewart

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